Tea-stained was born. Tea-stained is currently firing electrons, measuring colour patterns, applying ecological models, and is writing a blog. This blog.

Likes: Books (Abe, Adams, Barbellion, Beckett, Brontës, Calvino, Chargaff, Chekhov, Camus, Corner, Da Vinci, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Durrells, Fenton, Hergé, Hölldobler, Hutchinson, Huxleys, Marlowe, Nabokov, Nietzsche, Orwell, Plath, Poe, Robinson, Russell, Salter, Sebald, Shaw, Stevens,  Tolkien, Toole, Verne, Wallace, Ware, Waugh, Wells, Wilde, Wilson, Wittgenstein, Wodehouse, Zweig), fashion (brown, green, grey), films (Allen, Amelie, Anderson, Ayoade, Bergman, Bird, Blessed, Burton, Chaney, Chaplin, creature features, Cushing, Fellini, Fields,  Flynn, Goldblum, Howard (Shemp), Hammer, Hung, Karloff, Kubrick, Lang, Laurel and Hardy, Lean, Lee, Lugosi, McKellen, Margolyes, Marx Brothers, neorealism, Olivier, Ozu, Pixar, Popeye, Rains, Rains again, Rathbone, Rush, slapstick, Studio Ghibli, surrealism, Tarantino, Teshigahara, Welles, Whale, Wright), food (blood oranges, bread ‘n’ butter pudding, crepes, crackers, lobster, shortbread, sashimi), music (Boult, Chopin, the Cure, Evans, Gershwin, Gilbert and Sullivan, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Kraftwerk, Madness, Mingus, Monk, the New York Dolls, Parker, Queen, Schubert, Simpson, Sharks, Silvery, Sparks, strings, Tatum, trashy glam/garage rock, Wang), Sausage Dogs, Sega, science, sounds (ants, cicadas, clocks, crackers, Eucalyptus leaves, gasps of surprise, mouse clicks), tea (generic Yorkshire, brown rice, green, Irish breakfast, Pina colada), television (AOC, Atkinson, BBC playhouse, Brett, Civilisation, Cosmos, Daria, David, Fry, It’s always sunny in Philadelphia,  Linehan, Marx, Monkey, Monty Python’s flying circus, Moran, natural history, Rake, 90s Simpsons, Seinfeld, Spaced, Tatami Galaxy, Stewart, Yes Minister), visual arts (Caravaggio, the Caravaggisti, Haeckel), walking to the mailboxand wine on occasion.

Dislikes: The beach, false laughter, interacting with sales representatives, large groups, mangos, that foolish middle-aged individual that attempts to bully her/his way onto an already uncomfortably full train carriage, the sour stench common to any location that has played host to a group of children, the state of science (inadequate means of communication, overpopulated, a poor public image, the ‘publish or perish’ mentality, rejection of primary sources/philosophy), the unsavoury trends in cinema today, and vanilla ice-cream.